Palais Theatre Introduces Fan-To-Fan Ticket Resales Service

The Palais Theatre has come up with a solution for music fans who’ve missed out on tickets for a sell-out show but don’t want to pay three times the original price from scalpers, or have a legitimate reason to get rid of their tickets.

It’s set up a fan-to-fan ticket resales service.
Neil Croker, CEO of Palais Theatre Management says, “We understand that at times people have spare tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. Rather than see tickets for sold out shows sit in someone’s pocket, we have set up a service that sees the Palais Theatre as the conduit through which people can exchange tickets at face-value and totally risk-free.
“We have had many requests for our ‘Passenger’ Waiting List so we can already see that people trust the Palais Theatre and are willing to use a service like this.”
Croker emphasizes how dangerous it is to buy tickets from illegitimate sellers. He cites one recent incident when a scamster sold the same pair of tickets to 17 different buyers on Gumtree. As a result, 32 to 34 people arrived at the venue to find they had no tickets, and no chance of buying any legitimately at the last minute.
“This situation is extremely stressful for the patrons and the venue alike,” Croker points out.

The fan-to-fan ticket resales service is available from their website.