Oz Rock Experience

What is the show about?  We're doing a very broad history of Australian rock’n’roll. Playing more than 30 hits, dancing and having a ball. From the ‘50s to the present, each era is brought to life with unforgettable songs, amazing dances and the unmistakable fashions of the time, making this show one that will have you singing, reminiscing and dancing in the aisles.
 What do you think makes Aus rock different, in contrast to the kind of rock that comes out of places like the U.S.? Musically not too sure given we're so influenced by U.S. rock, but I love local references in our music. Skyhooks were one of the first bands to go hard at that.
Fav Aus rock track? The Honeymoon is Over byThe Cruel Sea.
Best Aussie Supergroup? The Oz Rock Experience Band.
 What will people take away from the show? A few laughs and a damn good time. Apart from having a great time reminiscing over the songs they grew up with and loved, it's a chance to rediscover what they loved about seeing a live band perform and really enjoy the atmosphere that can only be created at a venue such as Memo Music Hall. At the end of the day that's what rock’n’roll was and still is all about.

The Oz Rock Experience will be hosted by Peter Rowsthorn at Memo Music Hall on Saturday December 3.