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Owl Eyes

Pop doesn't have to be plastic; Melbourne songstress Owl Eyes is testament to that. Inspired by dreamscapes and spellbinding imagery of our vast galaxy, Brooke Addamo says her new offering Raiders is more than an EP - it's a "mini album."

"Raiders was written with a different approach to Faces," she explains. "The first record was really me writing songs that became an EP, but this time I was fully aware that I was writing an EP and so it made me think of it more as a mini album. I had to remember to make sure that all the songs were in the same vein, it flowed well and it drew everything together in the end. I feel like I achieved that. It's kind of daunting to talk about an album, though, because it's such a big mountain step. I haven't started writing just yet because I'd rather that Raiders stays fresh in my mind for the time being, the songs are all still really new."


It's probably a good idea, considering Addamo is headlining a tour in support of Raiders. Not only that, but having recently shared the stages with Darwin Deez, she is super excited to announce her support slot for cheeky UK lads The Wombats.


"It's pretty amazing. I used to dream about singing but never had the confidence," she laughs. "I don't know what inspired me to just get on stage one day. I always liked singing but I was always too timid and introverted to achieve it. I wasn't into sport and I couldn't really do an art class but singing made me happy and I fell in love with it. After my tour then my goal is to head to the UK in November. It would be great to have the opportunity to write the album overseas."


And don't be surprised if partner in crime and producer Jan Skubiszewski makes an appearance for the third time on the full length too. It would make sense, according to Addamo, who describes the relationship between the two as "brother and sister-like."


"I'm not really concerned that the records will sound the same because Jan and I have a good musical connection and we haven't even reached our potential yet. He inspires me to get better with every recording."


When it came to Raiders, however, Addamo recalls the precise image which came to inspire the new EP in particular and which she stumbled upon accidentally.


"One of the sound guys had this app on his phone and every day he'd have a different picture from space. They were such beautiful images of the galaxy and the word 'space' kept going through my head throughout the recording process. I wanted this EP to have that mysterious vibe anyway. I'm always inspired by soundscapes and dreamscapes and the wishy-washy vibes."


Owl Eyes appears at The Northcote Social club on Saturday August 20 (sold out) and Sunday August 21 in support of new EP Raiders. Split Seconds will support.