The In The Out's self-titled debut album is full of texture and fluidity

The Melbourne rockers are off to a hot start.

Dear travellers, whether you’re traversing the world, or stuck on a crowded and smelly bus (poor ole you); The In The Out’s debut album is a diversion to consider.

As a whole, there’s admiration for the arrangement of this album, approaching bravely with the mysterious but driving ‘Do You Wanna’ as a first track. Hungry to serve, the band decides to build from here.

Around their rocking centrepiece’s ‘Sunny’ and ‘Heat’, the four-piece fill the album with coloured atmosphere and simple melody.  Tracks such as ‘Honey Baby’ and ‘Birds’ really do encapsulate the band’s ability and versatility for sweetness, creating notable highlights on the release.

As they move back into first gear towards the end of the album with ‘Heaven & Hell’ and ‘Hid In The Beat’, the aforementioned admiration kicks in as you begin to realise something: that this band actually cares about the picture they paint, and the journey they take their listeners on.

And that does score points for a debut, even though they are a little too reminiscent of familiar styles. A rather warm and cosy outing, full of texture and fluidity, The In The Out have produced something solid.


By Rhys McKenzie