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One Direction Announce 2013 Australian Tour


If you thought The Black Keys and Radiohead tours were announced a long way ahead of their dates, wait until you get a load of this bullshit. Labelled by Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe (in a yet-to-be-published interview) "Simon Cowell's sex robots", One Direction have announced an Australian tour - for September 2013.

The "band" were recently in Australia for a whirlwind promo tour, as well as the Logies - which makes sense.


If you don't know about One Direction, chances are you won't give a shit about this tour. If you do know about One Direction, chances are you know a lot more about them than us. So yeah.


One Direction perform in Melbourne on Thursday September 19 and Friday September 20. Stay tuned for venue details. Or don't.