Oh Pep! : Stadium Cake


Oh Pep!’s Stadium Cake is a jingle jangle good old time. The album is dipped in intricate indie folk instrumentals and duo female vocal performance. The twelve track record is another homerun for the pair and proves that pop doesn’t have to come in the form of a cookie-cutter dance anthem.
Bushwick introduces an enjoyable banjo line and a soft, subtle vocal. Characteristic of their adored style, Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs soon encourage a boogie with their multi-layered percussion backing. Also featured on the album are guitars, violins, mandolin and double bass.
Hally’s performance is as compelling as it is pleasant. Wanting is a tale of a power struggle in which she sings, “You don’t learn how to breathe, breathing happens naturally/I didn’t learn how to say ‘no, you just can’t have it your way all the time’.”
Crazy Feels sees the duo utilising traditional elements to recreate modern day synth effects for a song soaked in romance. The addition of an acoustic guitar adds a much needed coating, while Doctor Doctor benefits from a climatic drum section.
Taking a turn towards country, Trouble Now is a beautiful ballad about making a quick getaway. Oh Pep! continue to land right in between genres and ensure they are prepared to appeal to a variety of audiences.
Sitting down for some Tea, Milk & Honey, listeners will be greeted by a string arrangement that is complimented with gorgeous guitar tones and a tantalising tambourine.
Only Everyone is bolder than others on the album, kicking things up a notch with a kick drum and ticking electric guitar riff. In contrast, The Situation and Happenstance use daring and dynamic instrumental structures.
Oh Pep! has constructed a killer release, between their refined harmonies and down home sound, the duo has outdone themselves.