The Ocean Party's 'The Oddfellows' Hall' embodies the genius and dynamism of Zac Denton

A remarkable piece of work from an equally remarkable rock band.

The Ocean Party’s eighth album The Oddfellows’ Hall opens with ‘Rain On Tin’, a sombre track wistfully reflecting on living in the city and searching for your home, penned by Zac Denton. 

The album’s release came with the news that Denton tragically passed away – Aged just 24, he leaves behind a vast body of work across over ten albums released with The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, Pregnancy and Hobby Farm. 

An Ocean Party album is rich with emotional depth without ever feeling overwrought or taxing. With each band member sharing songwriting duties, the range of themes explored is broad in scope. We hear across The Oddfellows’ Hall anxieties about modern life, reflections on the distingeration of a relationship, preparations for parenthood and the desire to evolve as a person.

As listeners we’re lucky to have a band like The Ocean Party who continually evolve stylistically while retaining the earnestness that has made them a favourite of many for almost a decade. We are also lucky to be able to hear from a songwriter as talented as Denton playing in a band that gave him the space to not only be honest within his lyricism, but the chance to collaborate within a nurturing environment. It’s a special thing the band have created, and Denton will long be remembered for his incredible music and the many lives he touched.