The Nymphs : It’s Been A Long Time Awaiting

Fans of The Nymphs rejoice: after almost a decade of pitch-perfect a capella harmonies, the band have finally released an album. Summoning the sounds of bygone eras, the debut LP features everything you’d expect from the local favourites: stunning voices, stamps, and handclaps, without the aid of instrumentation.


A large part of The Nymphs’ charm resides not only in their melodic expertise, but in their ability to craft evocative compositions. Tracing ‘40s jazz, ‘50s swing and early ‘60s pop, each song drops the listener in a particular space. Weary processional Hope I Feel Better Soon conjures images of prisoners chipping away at stone, chanting the song’s deeply intoxicating refrain.


A second highlight emerges in the poignant Grave Shift, a delicate hymn with a haunting quality. The Nymphs demonstrate their versatility through the likes of the toe-tapping single Shake and the boppy Lookin’ For Love. For every dark indulgence, there’s light relief in store, with a quirky delight or two (Doctor, Why Oh Why) thrown in for good measure.


It’s Been A Long Time Awaiting is warm and immersive, owed in part to the effortless authenticity of The Nymphs’ endeavours. Each of their original songs showcase a certain reverence for past classics and standards. This city has been blessed with its share of vocal pop groups of late, but The Nymphs – now more than ever with the release of this immensely satisfying album – might just triumph as Melbourne’s finest.




Best Track: Grave Shift

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In A Word: Diverse