Nucleust : Resistivity


Perth based four-piece Nucleust  have produced a cracker of an EP, a short, sharp monster that gets in, makes a bold and brutal statement, and then gets the hell out again.
They do a hell of a lot with 19 minutes worth of music. This EP is absolutely choc-full of wild, weird and wonderful ideas, and is obviously the work of the very fertile minds.
Opener Fear the Fearlessis a snaky, driving groover that takes you through a multitude of twists and turns across its five and a half minutes. The EP then shoots directly into left field with 40 seconds of what sounds like an Egyptian lute, the ‘oud’, carrying into the EP’s centrepiece, the epic Of King and Tree, packing more into its lengthy intro than many bands put into entire albums. Closer Faith By the Sword is quite simply devastating, and rounds things off beautifully.
Resistivity is a compact but abundant progressive metal powerhouse that is well worth investing some of your hard earned cash and precious time in.