Northlane : Mesmer


Citizen kicks off with a bang, streaking guitars carry Bridge’s growls, send listeners into a frenzy. Colourwave begins with a gritty guitar, effectively paired with a swirling synth sound, but soon enough the heavy breakdown erupts and that’s when we know Northlane mean business. Bridge’s vocals in the chorus are infused with emotion, but this is only the beginning, because Savage comes afterwards to take us for a ride with its intense riffs and captivating lyricism.
Intuition has addictive riffs and relentless drumbeats that make you headbang, and Zero One begins with a whimsical electronic sound that hooks you straight in because it stands out from the usual rage that Northlane projects into their music, but soon enough they pummel a powerful breakdown, as Bridge’s angst filled vocals penetrate your ears.
Last but not least, Paragon kicks off with a suspenseful beginning, little buzzes and quick breaths that send a chill down your spine, because you know that breakdown is coming– and it completes Mesmer, especially since Paragon is a tribute to the band’s loss of their friend Tom Searle. This album is an emotional rollercoaster, and Northlane have injected their grief beautifully into their new work of art. 
By Christine Tsimbis