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Corner Hotel
57 Swan St

Northeast Party House @ The Corner

It was a packed room for local favourites Northeast Party House at The Corner Hotel, the first of a run of shows up the east-coast for the launch of their brand new sparkling pop tune Pascal Cavalier.  Having just been awarded Beat Single of the Week for the tune last week among a plethora of other praises, the boys were certainly on a high leading into the hometown show. With a line-up of support that included close friends – City Calm Down and I Oh You DJs, the room was buzzing with party vibes well and truly before the five-piece took to the stage. Having a pretty healthy reputation for a rambunctious live show helps, but the crowd were loose and in the mood for Northeast thanks to a smooth hip hop set from Johann of I Oh You, setting the tone with R Kelly’s Ignition and Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot. A slew of other early millennium hits got pretty much everyone dancing before the red curtains opened to the band jumping on stage to Mr President’s '90s dance hit Coco Jambo. Kicking off with a few newer tracks, the fairly young crowd seemed almost infected with a strain of Northeast Party House syndrome; inhibitions were done away with and minds were completely lost as crowd surfing to the first song of the set list had guitarist Jack in disbelief, with a simple ‘holy shit’ into the microphone summing the scenario up perfectly. The pulsating synth and urgent percussion of singles Dusk and Empires had the audience ramming the front of the stage, while the hisses and grunts of one of their earliest singles Embezzler wedged between the newbie, Pascal Cavalier filled the room with everyone singing along.


Halfway through and an amped-up cover of the Gorillaz' Dare made a welcome appearance alongside a mass of multi-coloured inflatable beach balls that were thrown into the crowd – as if they needed another reason to get excited. Vocals from frontman Zach Hamilton-Reeves were spot on throughout the set despite battling a nasty cold, and surprisingly all members remained composed and professional while hyped-up teens countlessly violated the stage with threats of getting naked. Call them just another party band, but Northeast Party House demand attention on stage with their playful but entrancing presence and clean, sophisticated song-writing at their core. Whilst at times it was difficult to maintain focus with not one, but two hormone raging couples making out right in front of me throughout the set, it was exciting to be a part of this young band’s imminent rise up the Australian live music ranks.




LOVED: Interesting choice of support from I Oh You DJs- I really did feel like I was at a house party.
HATED: The annoying drunk flirting and blatant make-out sesh’s going on everywhere.
DRANK: The cheapest beer on tap.