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The Nomad : Perilous Times

Those in the know will most certainly have heard of The Nomad (aka Damon Schwalger) and his consistent contributions to the local reggae / drum and bass scene over many years now. Perilous Times is The Nomad's seventh LP and sees him going back to his roots, whilst maintaining the freshness and originality that fans have come to expect, providing enough variety in tempo and beat stylings to satisfy such part-time dubstep devotees as myself.


My love of deep layers had me taking quickly to such tracks as Run Through These Streets and title track Perilous Times, which both bring a sonic apocalyptic sound to the fore. Deeper, easily the album's stand out track with its embracing reggae sound and great vocals, brings us back in from the cold with a little bit of aural sunshine. The production here is really good and solid as a rock; complete with enough rough edges too retain its rootsy feel. All in all, another strong release from a local stalwart.


- Christopher J. Stenton