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Nile Rodgers Taken To Hospital, Instore and Show Still On

In a testament to the fucking legend that he is, after being taken to Epworth Hospital at 5am this morning, Nile Rodgers is soldiering on.

Recently announced for an instore apperance at Polyster Records at 5pm today, alongside his performance with Chic this evening, Rodgers was taken to hospital this morning which according to his Twitter was the result of an aftermath of his very public battle with cancer of 2011. Nevertheless, he swiftly followed it up with another Tweet stating:


"I'll be at the book signing and the show is ABSOLUTELY ON! Just a cancer aftermath bull$hit-UGH! CANCER SUCKS!"

Nile Rodgers hits Polyester Records at 5pm in the Flinders Lane today, and will performance at Billboard with Chic tonight. What a fucking dude.