The Night Cafe : Get Away From The Feeling


Snippets of recent British stadium fillers such as Coldplay, Keane, Oasis and Elbow can be heard whilst the darker elements of Editors or Frightened Rabbit and ‘60s psychedelia  also share some airtime.
The EP’s four tracks are a clear attempt to condense this large, widescreen rock sound into easy consumable pieces. The Night Café clearly expect, or at least desire, their listeners to grow to love them enough that their choruses will provide anthems for a generation.
Unfortunately, while there are plenty of hooks and melodies, The Night Café are a little too tame to fulfil such lofty ambitions. A lot of care and attention have gone into this recording, but it is too retrograde to fully enliven their fastidious approach.
They elicit a degree of scouser good time jangle and they could well be a fun prospect live, but the angles are not sharp enough to offer continued satisfaction. Lyrically they appear quite polished but when all is said and done it’ll be interesting to see whether they end up leaving more than a meagre imprint on the pavement of rock.
By Bronius Zumeris