Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento : Intrepid Adventures To The Lost Riddim Islands

Industrious multi-instrumentalist Nicky Bomba has brought much joy to music fans during an energetic and eclectic career. His band Bomba has generated ecstatic responses from audiences around the country who are moved by the band’s feel-good rhythms and undeniable zest for life. Nicky’s funky powerhouse percussive impact has been a grand addition to the John Butler Trio and his work with the esteemed Joe Camilleri on the well-received Limestone album displayed both musicians at their inspired best.

His latest project Bustamento embraces the sunny vibe of calypso, mento, ska and reggae. The overall feel of this buoyant album will transport you to some relaxing and far-flung tropical paradise where the stresses of our hurried-up world dissipate as you sip the magical coconut juice and gaze out to the sparkling ocean. The reworked Automatically Man, a song that appeared on Bomba’s debut album in 2000, swings with such happiness it’s impossible to avoid smiling while the Harry Belafonte/Irving Burgess number Coconut Woman (originally recorded by Belafonte way back in the late '50s)  has an authentic old-school feel and some wonderful instrumentation. Intrepid Adventures To The Lost Riddim Islands, bursting with balmy and uplifting rhythms, is sure to brighten even the darkest of days and to lighten the most sullen of moods.




Best Track: Ghamillu Karta

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In A Word: Joyful