Nickelback wound back the clock to 2005 delivering Melbourne all their classic hits and more

They had the crowd absolutely sizzling.

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Rod Laver Arena was raging with excitement as Bad Wolves kicked things off with an electrifying opening set. They finished their gig with their cover of The Cranberries' classic 'Zombie', which was the track that had initially catapulted them into the spotlight. People were then charged with anticipation waiting for Nickelback, and luckily the band didn't keep everyone waiting for too long – they jumpstarted the set with their first single and title track from their newest album Feed the Machine, with Chad Kroeger belting the lyrics over thunderous riffs and flashing red lights.

The entire arena was sizzling, with people being completely immersed in the band’s performance, particularly when they served their old-school tracks on a sweet platter. 'Photograph' was delivered effortlessly, with old pictures of the band playing on the big screen behind them and igniting the nostalgia within the audience. The 2000s was certainly a treasured decade for rock anthems, and Nickelback’s '00s hits were no exception. 'Far Away' was another glorious performance, with Kroeger pouring all his passion into his husky vocals.

In between their performances, Kroeger would always work up a hilarious banter with the audience, joking around about how none of his bandmates wanted him to drink too early but the larger his buzz was, the longer he would perform onstage. He constantly requested drinks throughout the night and would salute the audience before sculling his Jager shots. His friendly and humorous demeanour reduced the barriers between him as the performer and the audience; he made everybody feel as though they were drinking with their mate for the night. The man certainly works his charm well.

The band played the cheeky track 'Something In Your Mouth', as well as well-loved songs ‘Hero', 'Figured You Out' and 'Someday', which everybody enthusiastically sung along to. They mixed up the old stuff with some newer catchy hits too, like 'What are You Waiting For'.

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Halfway through the night, Kroeger requested an audience member to join them for 'Animals' – she was given a guitar onstage and played with the rest of the band in style. There were two other audience members that were randomly picked out to sing 'Rockstar' with the band, which made the set that much more interactive and engaging. If that wasn't enough to win the hearts of their fans, Nickelback's performance of 'How You Remind Me' absolutely drove everybody into a singalong frenzy, and it was that special moment when the entire arena was in perfect sync.

Nickelback certainly know how to grab the attention of the audience, and the chemistry between the band members is striking, proving that they're all close friends as well as bandmates. Their continuous playful quips towards one another were funny to witness and once again highlighted their easygoing nature. They even had their fun with the audience – they concluded their set, with Kroeger thanking everybody for always supporting them, before the band left and all the lights went out.

Only a few people were deceived by their exit though, and, somewhat unsurprisingly, they came back and launched straight into 'Million Miles an Hour', an energetic track that hyped up the crowd and turned the mosh into a heap of jumping bodies. Then Nickelback delivered their blazing finale, 'Burn It To The Ground', where they poured all their leftover energy into a brilliant performance with searing riffs and pounding drums.

They threw an amazing set and the audience certainly showcased the love through their endless cheering. Hopefully, Nickelback will be back again soon to light up the stage.

Highlight: Chad yelling "Cheers!" every time he sculled a Jager shot.

Lowlight: Time flew too quickly. 

Crowd Favourite: 'How You Remind Me'.