Nick Oliveri

Who came up with the idea for the Death Acoustic Tour? Death acoustic was an idea I had a long time ago and I've been doing live acoustic shows for ten years on and off, in between band tours to fill in time. This particular tour with Christian from Beats Cartel grew from Mojo Burning festival in Brisbane and the idea to book a tour around it. 
Is the nudity planned, or impulsive? Should we expect to see the other ‘member’ of your one man band at this show? No nudity on this tour. It's weird to see an acoustic artist play nude. Actually I would suck.
What’s your favourite Australian slang saying &/or thing? Get a dog up ya.
What part of touring do you enjoy the most? The best part of touring is travelling and going to new cities, every day I feel at home or travelling. 
What are three words you would use to describe this show to your fans? Loud acoustic death.

Nick Oliveri will perform at Cherry Bar on Wednesday March 29 and Pelly Bar on Thursday March 30.