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New Funktion One System At The Mercat

One of Melbourne's most loved party spaces, The Mercat, have given themselves a sonic overhaul with the installation of a new sound system. 

A Funktion One sound system direct from Funktion One Australia has been installed by John O'Donnell, the company’s representative in Australia. Along with the heavy-duty equipment they've reconfigured the speaker positions, added extra rear infills and stacked the subs. They've also added two new booth monitors hung from the ceiling.
The full soundsystem includes 2 x Funktion One Resolution 4E-­‐CP loudspeaker, 2 x Funktion One F218 Mk2 loudspeaker, 1 x Funktion One IB218 loudspeaker, 2 x Funktion One F101 loudspeaker (rear infills), 1 x Funktion One X04 system processor, 1 x FMR RNC compressor, 1 x MC2 Audio E475, 1 x MC2 Audio E45, 1 x MC2 Audio E25, 1 x MC2 Audio E15 and 2 x JBL PRX612 monitors
Get ready for good times with crisp sounds.

Head to The Mercat website for their upcoming events to experience their sonic evolution for yourself.