Need new music fast? Here's three new artists to get on your radar

Need new music fast? Here’s some artists you should get on your radar ASAP.

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Jen Dessinger

The best part of my job is that my inbox is constantly full of new music, and I love a lot of it, but sometimes you stumble across something that forces you stop everything you’re doing so you can really enjoy what you’re hearing. That’s what happened when I first listened to Flasher’s debut album Constant Image. The Washington DC trio mean serious business, check out the album’s singles ‘Pressure’ and ‘Skim Milk’ to see exactly what I mean. From their self-titled, self-released EP back in 2016 to some fire showcases at this year’s SXSW, they’ve been making a serious name for themselves, and with their debut album – all swagger, spunk, chaos, and post-punk grit – they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Friday June 8 needs to arrive quickly so you can all hear how absolutely, insanely good this album is.

This discovery wasn’t really mine, and is actually thanks to Beat’s other editor James – but with a hot tip this great I had to pass it on. Meet Snail Mail (AKA the solo project of Baltimore-based Lindsey Jordan). Not only is Jordan an incredible songwriter with a voice from the angels, but she’s also been described as a guitar virtuoso AND to top it all off she’s only just graduated high school. Powerful vocals, catchy indie-rock melodies and razor-sharp songwriting documenting all the ups and downs of growing up fill her debut album Lush. It’ll be out in the world on Friday June 8, but singles like ‘Heat Wave’ and ‘Pristine’ should tide you over while you wait. Well, maybe.

Sydney artist Grace Pitts – or GRAACE as she is known when she’s making music – probably isn’t a stranger to you. She’s behind the gorgeous vocals on Hayden James’ single ‘Numb’. But it’s on her debut solo single, the delicate, pop ballad ‘Kissing Boys’, that she really shows how powerful she is as an artist. There’s a brightness throughout, carried by the excellent production that builds off the tracks piano-led bones, but there’s also an underlying sadness that makes this one of those tunes perfect for a cry-dance (I’m not the only one, right?). Graace’s vocals are beyond flawless and her songwriting on this track makes for a very exciting introduction. Team Graace will be (not so) patiently waiting for what comes next.