A National Geographic wildlife exhibition is taking over the Melbourne Zoo

Celebrating 130 years of the National Geographic. 

Melbourne Zoo is set to host the world-first immersive photographic exhibition of National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs.

The exhibition will celebrate 130 years of the magazine through an outdoor installation of 50 of the best wildlife photographs in Melbourne Zoo's Carousel Park, accompanied by an augmented reality experience titled Air, Land & Sea by AR company INDE. 

Air, Land & Sea provides viewers with a unique experience in which they are transported to a series of watering holes across a diverse range of environments where they have the opportunity to encounter local wildlife and interact with their surroundings. 

Showcasing the work of iconic photographers such as  Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Steve Winter, Paul Nicklen, Beverly Joubert and David Doubilet, National Geographic's 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs showcases both the evolution of the art form and the inventive lengths photographers have gone to in order to capture moments in nature.

“Our hope is that, after viewing these stunning images and connecting with the wildlife at Melbourne Zoo, visitors will be compelled to remember that all animals deserve our greatest respect, awe and preservation," says Melbourne Zoo director Kevin Tanner of the exhibition. 

Catch National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs at Carousel Park, Melbourne Zoo from 8 September – 30 November, 2018.