Natalie Prass : The Future and The Past

Natalie Prass shows her range on The Future and The Past. 

The tracklist is a cocktail of ‘70s favourites with elements of pop, R&B, disco, and soul. The full album ebbs and flows with precision and balance, working its way up and down in tempo and energy. If you listen past Prass’ beautiful vocals you will hear strong themes and expressive lyricism present in every track. This is a body of work you can enjoy with ignorance or maturity.

Beginning with upbeat disco trackOh My’, it’s not long before the ‘Your Fire’interlude kicks in. With the classical string-led piece, suddenly you are moving between ballads, anthems of sorority like Sisters’ and stripped-back piano confessions on ‘Far From You’. Prepare for funky basslines, dynamic melodies, capturing harmonies, and the occasional string quartet.

The Future and The Past is a letter filled with political messages, regrets, aspirations and revelations. It will have you in deep reflection while tapping your foot to the beat. Prass’ delicate vocals radiate throughout the album, leaving every track noteworthy. It’s a clear testament to her experience and growth as both a person and an artist.