'Myth Of A Man' sees Night Beats stray from their psychedelic roots

Their latest is strewn with classic soul, blues and rock.

The lone star state has produced its share of garage and psych rock, including Night Beats. Fronted by Texan native Danny Lee Blackwell, they’ve dropped a trilogy of albums since their 2011 debut, keeping in line with Texan psychedelia.

However, their latest offering is a little different. After a particularly tumultuous period for the band, Blackwell emerged the sole remaining member and set off to Nashville to work with a string of unnamed session musicians. The result is an album that errs closer to classic soul, blues and rock than it does psych rock. 

From opener ‘Her Cold Heart’, a song packed with shimmering electric and acoustic guitars, to the lush keys and strings of ballads ‘I Wonder’ and ‘Too Young to Pray’ this is an album packed with layers and intricate arrangements that tend to be more often clean than fuzzed out. Yet the Night Beats of old are never too far away - tracks like the riff-filled ‘One Thing’ and ‘Eyes On Me’ hark back to their earlier work. 

It’s still distinctly Night Beats, just with a twist of Nashville and a little more melancholy and soul - and its well worth a listen.