My Echo

How would you describe your latest single, Boys In BlueSonically we knew the record needed a few tougher songs. We were spending every weekend in Geelong, writing the lyrics together, and it seemed each time we'd go back we'd be recounting a new news story that had popped up throughout the week about police brutality, more specifically the black lives matter movement. It got us talking about some of our own experiences and some of those close to us.
What was the experience like recording your debut album BrothersWe're always really excited about heading into the studio. We had to come up with more songs and had to be super careful that the record wasn't too 'samey', with plenty of dynamic and enough variation between each song to give the listener a real experience.
How do you capture your raw live energy on record? We like to record together, that's how we always play whether that's live or in rehearsal. This way the songs can still take shape until we get a final take we're all happy with.
How important is atmosphere and location when developing and recording? The only reason we went to Adelaide was to be free of distraction and spend a couple of weeks away from home with each other. We're all the very best of friends, and we love nothing more than being on the road together.

My Echo will play Bendigo Hotel on Saturday December 17.