Mother’s Cake were forgiven for their extended absence when they stormed through the Evelyn Hotel

Returning to Australia after a three year absence, Mother’s Cake reunited with a diverse and loyal crowd. The Austrian trio can be forgiven for their absence. Firstly because of the large geographical trek and secondly, they return with the release of their third album No Rhyme No Reason. Mother’s Cake put on an energetic, fierce performance, making the wait even more acceptable.
The band drew in a wide and diverse audience due to their extensive genre overlap. Their psychedelic progressive music style encompasses indie, blues and space rock into an artful blend. The crowd encompassed this diverse blend that, thankfully, didn’t clash too harshly even when a miniature mosh appeared. Instead, there was an overall animosity throughout the crowd, and an incredibly charismatic relationship between the audience and the band.
Mother’s Cake were supported by an excellent assortment of Melbourne-based supporting acts including Greenthief, Qlaye Face and Alithia. Each of the supports performed a powerful set, especially AlithiA whose dynamic visuals artistically accompanied their soulful sound.  The supporting artists provided a strong foundation, setting an incredible mood throughout the venue.
Mother’s Cake’s own set was an incredible repertoire of their old and new work. Their vivacious stage presence and energy was captivating and drew the audience in. They successfully sustained and exported this energy throughout the evening. The overall standout songs were Black Roses and No Rhyme or Reason. Overall, it was a great night and worth the three-year wait. Come back soon.
Words by Rose Maurice
Image by Sally Townsend
Highlight: The band’s energy and charisma. Also their hair. All the performers on Friday night had incredibly luscious hair.
Lowlight: Not bringing ear plugs.
Crowd Favourite: When we sang happy birthday. Just kidding, it was Black Roses.