The Molting Vultures : Crowd Surfing with the Molting Vultures


Back in the ‘80s Adelaide was riding high.  The Grand Prix, the Adelaide Casino, the Multi-Function Polis. And then there was Doug Thomas’s Greasy Pop Records, a fertile hub of punk, garage, powerpop and world-class rock’n’roll. Then, sadly, it all went to shit. 
But to listen to The Molting Vultures’ compilation, Crowd Surfing with The Molting Vultures, is to re-live the glory days of Adelaide. The Molting Vultures have one foot in the past, one in the present and a steely gaze on the good things in rock’n’roll.  The spirit of the Exploding White Mice is all over the celebratory The Grace; Morning Sun must surely be a lost track from Radio Birdman’s Living Eyes
The Trough starts on the back on Birdman’s Descent Into the Maelstrom and falls into a storm of psychedelic punk noise, Here Come the Mushroom People is bubblegum psych with lashings of fuzz and Life on the Dole is The Band tripping in a Mile End sharehouse. Caccamawartoo is The Ramones hanging loose in Christies Beach. Rowley Park is a nostalgic journey through bogan culture, complete with stovepipe jeans, ugg boots and Winnie Blues up the sleeve.  Nah, Adelaide’s not that bad, if The Molting Vultures are anything to go by.
By Patrick Emery