Missy Higgins : Oz

Over the last decade, Missy Higgins has written many great songs. With a desire to try something different, Higgins has released a covers album titled Oz, a collection of her favourite tunes from a range of Australian artists including Paul Kelly, The Angels, Something for Kate, The Go-Betweens and Divinyls. Accompanying this album is a book of essays of the same name. In it, Higgins details her thoughts and memories associated with each track.
Rather than create an album full of classic hits, Higgins instead chose to showcase some lesser-known gems; one of which is Perry Keyes’ NYE, her upbeat rendition of this track ensuring it’s a favourite. The ukulele provides fitting accompaniment for her duet with Dan Sultan on Slim Dusty’s The Biggest Disappointment.  Co-produced by Higgins and Jherek Bischoff, the pair have produced some stunning arrangements with lush instrumentation. Combining strings and piano perfectly complements her distinctive vocals on the breathtaking standout track, The Drones’ Shark Fin Blues. Oz concludes with a moving rendition of Don Walker’s The Way You Are Tonight.  
Missy Higgins has made these songs shine with her unique and beautiful style.
Best Track: Shark Fin Blues
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In A Word: Beautiful