Missy Higgins : Everyone's Waiting

The recent Age profile of Missy Higgins was ridiculous, in part because of the drama pumped into her brief departure from the spotlight, in part because she appears to have found herself in an ashram. Missy personal journey through Eat Pray Love is the stuff of excruciatingly dumb privilege and her two years of soul searching capped off with a blast of yoga retreat enlightenment has been treated with truly bizarre gravitas. I’m sure she’s had a shitty couple of years, relative to the rest of her life, but surely being a rich and talented white Australian has cushioned the terrible blow? The thrust of Everyone’s Waiting is that Missy can’t hear the sound of her own heart over the roar of the crowd, and it’s actually quite a lovely song – it’s affecting, it’s genuine, has a simple melody and a warm arrangement. But if you stop and think about it, the song is a very sweet exercise in self-pity, and that, from Missy Higgins, is unbearable. Cheer up, Higgins. You don’t have leprosy, you don’t live in a Sudanese refugee camp and your father didn’t sell you into child prostitution. Could be worse.