Minus the Bear : VOIDS


Five years on from their last release, Infinity Overhead, comes Minus The Bear’s sixth LP VOIDS. Known for their smooth indie-rock guitar licks and for having song titles longer than Panic! At The Disco, Minus the Bear continue to live up to the hype, albeit a little toned down in parts.
Starting off with the bittersweet Last Kiss, the album promises more of what fans love about the band. Sonically, the group are sounding cleaner and the songs more produced. Gone is the haphazard vibe.
Robotic Heart is a standout. With more production and electronic drum work, the sound really lends itself to the empty, futuristic ambiance the lyrics offer. Album single What About The Boat? is melancholic angst, and the perfect song to drown any sorrows to. 
This is the first album released since departure of drummer Erin Tate due to creative differences. Although Tate will be missed, his spot is being filled nicely by Kiefer Matthias.
By Cassie Hedger