Mighty Duke & The Lords : Mighty Duke & The Lords


It’s time to get out your Hawaiian shirts and start mixing those cocktails: Mighty Duke & The Lords’ debut album calls for a calypso party. A tantalising tropical treat, the self-titled release will have all late converts to the band grooving in no time. Introducing themselves with a tribal drumbeat and a series of belting horns, Mama Rogee sees the five-piece asking “Are you ready?” to which listeners are sure to reply “Hell yeah.”
Emulating the sound of a live performance, it’s almost inconceivable to think the record was created inside a studio. Trouble blends non-stop high hats, powerful trumpets and a cannon of comedic calls. Bringing humour to the many delicate situations of forbidden relationships, Phantom Panties sees the jokers advising their audience to, “Take care of your underwear”; whereas Two To Tango acts as a hilarious warning to those preparing to sleep with a seductive stranger.
In the ultimate ode, Beyoncé has Mighty Duke & The Lords singing the infamous, “Oh-oh, oh-oh” of Single Ladies in a rather infectious manner. From expressing their love for her unmatchable talent to promising to “put a ring on it”, the boys are clearly enthusiastic fans. A bit tongue-in-cheek, the track is an incredible addition to a fresh, free-flowing album.
Closing the party is Werewolf Calypso, which has enough punch to get the people moving out, but just as much rhythm to keep them dancing while they do it. Absolutely dominating their self-coined style of ‘trop pop,’ Mighty Duke & The Lords are a must-have at your next shindig. Your only regret will be that you didn’t listen to these guys sooner.