Methyl Ethel continue to challenge their capability and potential on the adventurous 'Triage'

The Perth outfit are starting to put together a solid discography.

It’s exciting knowing that a new Methyl Ethel is about to drop, because you’re either going to hear one of the year’s best bangers or something truly unique. Triage is more of the latter, however it’s another impressive assortment of psychedelic, new-wave pop. 

Opening track ‘Ruiner’ is a pop-induced belter, showcasing the incredible vocals of lead singer Jake Webb. Unfortunately, ‘Scream Whole’ doesn’t have instant appeal, but it does grow on you with each repeat listen. ‘All the Elements’ is a beautiful tune that sweeps you off your feet, and occasionally drops you when the beat stops.

‘Trip the Mains’ has some ‘80s flair, including a heavily synth-backed chorus and keyboard solos. It’ll definitely get your hips shaking, preferably in some retro gym gear. ‘Real Tight’ is the first single from the album and perhaps their most commercially-accessible. It’s accompanied by a colourful and rather surrealist video, directed by Perth’s own Matt Sav. The album ties off nicely with the track ‘No Fighting’, which would be perfectly suited to an outdoor festival setting.

At this point it’s fair to say the Perth four-piece are one of Australia’s best up and coming bands and Triage will certainly see them climb higher into the mainstream consciousness.