With Peter Hodgson

Canadian quartet Striker have just released their fifth album, via their own indie label Record Breaking Records. The self-titled collection is all classic metal, hard rock and ‘80s hair metal and is packed with vocal harmonies, killer guitar leads and catchy choruses.
Technical progressive death metallers Fallujah are headed to Australia in March with Killswitch Engage (170 Russell on Sunday March 5 and Tuesday March 7), and have announced their own Melbourne headline show at the Workers Club on Monday March 6. New album Dreamless was produced at Sharkbite Studios with Zack Ohren again at the helm.
Ex Deo has just released The Roman, the second track from their new album The Immortal Wars. The Roman is a song celebrating the Roman soldier for his discipline, his loyalty and his will to victory. The video aims to be as historically accurate as possible. The album was released last week.
Suicide Silence have just released their crushing new self-titled album, their second with vocalist Eddie Hermida. The band has redefined, refined and brilliantly sharpened their purpose and created an unapologetically powerful new record.
Polish extreme black/death metallers Hate have refined their formula and created Tremendum, an album that re-establishes them as a serious player on the scene. Due on Friday May 5 via Napalm Records, it finds the band exploring different musical resources including progressive beats, sprawling song structures and a completely new sound while remaining authentically harsh and powerful.
The legendary Armored Saint have a classic live album under their belt – 1989’s Saints Will Conquer – but now it has some very worthy competition in the form of Carpe Noctum, recorded at their 2015 Wacken Festival appearance, as well as their headlining show in Aschaffenburg, Germany. It’s eight tracks of slamming metal and it’s out now.
Six Feet Under’s new album Torment is out now, and you can get a taste of its awesomeness via a new play-through video for the track Schizomaniac featuring Jeff Hughell and Marco Pitruzzella. Torment represents a new leap in intensity, with plenty of classic Six Feet Under groove but a more aggressive approach and even more blast beats. “I’ve been lucky to have a lot of standout albums in my career,” vocalist Chris Barnes says. “That's only because I've had a great many talented writing partners and musicians to collaborate with. Our new album, Torment, to me, is one of those albums. Jeff Hughell has provided the flammable material for me to write some explosive lyrics and vocal parts to.”