Messy Mammals

What’s your name and what do you do in Messy Mammals? My name is Asha Trips and I play bass and sing.
When did you start the band? We started Messy Mammals around three years ago. I started playing bass when I was 13 or 14. I started singing only in the last few years. 
Why did you start? I was always obsessed by bass. As a kid I only wanted to play cello, bass, all the low things. I didn’t really care about singing until way later.
If you weren’t in Messy Mammals, what would you be doing? I’d have my own condiment company. Extra flavour, no skimping. And my own hat line - loose-fitting hats for people with really large heads. I literally can’t believe no one has done that yet. I still think I might do that.
What makes you happiest about music? When we’re writing in Messy Mammals and we hit on a really beautiful chord sequence. Music makes me feel most like myself. And it connects me to my family. And some of the best people. People from all around the world.
What’s you proudest moment? Writing a cool lyric or chord change or melody, finishing a song that I am really proud of, finishing our album after such a crazy journey getting it done. And of course doing a really good gig and having people get into it. 

Messy Mammals will play The Workers Club on Sunday December 11.