The Menzingers : After The Party


In traditional Menzingers style, their latest offering is fun, fast and seriously punk rock. There’s one noticeable difference to past releases – in After The Party, The Menzingers are inserting themselves into the post-30 punk club, saying goodbye to youth and embracing that inevitable journey we all face – age.
And it’s a bittersweet adventure the band is taking us on, one of contemplation, reminiscing and good ol’ fashioned noise. With plenty of good hooks littered throughout, it goes to show that a reflection of life can still be punk as anything. Though it opens with a gentle refrain, Lookers quickly establishes a bright beat and poignant (though heavy) run of vocals that plants a grin of memory on your face.  Current single Bad Catholics has some great head-banging elements, while the album’s title track cleverly encompasses all those tasty little histories of The Menzingers’ sound we’ve come to love over the years – only the subject matter is a little more reflective.
It’s perhaps not as carefree as previous albums, there’s more thought and awareness, more serious subject matter to do with life’s little hiccups, but there’s one delightful message that rings true for the album’s duration – growing older doesn’t have to mean growing up.
By Anna Wilson