The Melbourne show paying tribute to Kate Bush

We sit down with Kate Finkelstein on mirroring a master. 

Tell us about the show

This show is a celebration of arguably one of the most influential female songwriters of all time. Kate Bush is so fearlessly unique, so vulnerable, expressive and creative. Her music takes me to another place, one of those true artists who is also a woman.  She has been and continues to be a huge inspiration to me as a woman and a songwriter.  

What do you love about pop music? 

I'd describe my style (and Kate Bush's style for that matter) as Progressive Pop. Pop music is usually known for having hooks and a format. Progressive music is transcendental; it takes us on a journey. I love Progressive Pop because it takes us on a journey in a shorter space of time.  

Could you describe to us your creative process? 

I've been thinking about that a lot lately. For me, it starts with a feeling, an emotion that's bursting to 'get out' of me. Then I just play the piano for ideas and sing gibberish and a melody and some words might come out. If I get a verse and a chorus then I consider I have a song on the way. It can sometimes take me a day to write a song, or 15 years. I love writing songs so much, for me it's like breathing.  

What do you love about the music industry?

The music industry has gone through a massive change over the last 20 years. I was on the edge, of this wave constantly swimming to catch up with the changes as they happened. What I love about the music industry now is that it is possible for independent artists to find their audience and communicate with them directly. 

Why is this show particularly different from previous ones?

In this show, I am performing my versions of some of my favourite Kate Bush songs. I'm not going to even attempt to impersonate her.  She's one of the few artists I feel I can cover and yet still express myself. I hope to inspire a deeper understanding of how truly remarkable this woman is and to celebrate her work.

Catch This Woman's Work at the Butterfly Club from Monday April 30 - Saturday May 5. Details