Melbourne Audio Trade Show

There are lots of students and bedroom producers out there whod love to actually turn this into a full-time job. Its not a case of just looking in the back of the newspaper to see whos advertising.

Showcasing the best in audio technology for everyone from hobbyists to professionals, the Melbourne Audio Trade Show returns this month with a program featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Held at SAE, the event will allow visitors to hear advice from industry experts, watch product demonstrations, and get a closer look at some of the latest audio equipment.
“I’ve always thought that it would be great to actually use the space here [at SAE] to bring a whole load of industry people in to show us what they’ve got,” says Gareth Parton, Coordinator of the Audio Department at SAE. “It’s not only intended for students – it’s really intended for everyone who’s interested in audio – but we’ve got the facilities here to be able to showcase what every industry wants to show off.”
In its second year, the event will see a host of audio experts share their knowledge with attendees, providing insight to this multifaceted industry. Among the many features on offer at the trade show are product demonstrations from the likes of Roland and Native Instruments, workshops with Pro Tools, Ableton, Genelec, and Teenage Engineering, and a special Keynote presentation from the mind behind Gearslutz, Jules Standen.
“He’s [Jules Standen] big in the audio world,” says Parton. “Gearslutz is the main place where people go and talk about audio online. We’ll have demonstrations from Roland, who are going to be talking about their boutique range of classic units that they’re reissuing. We’ll also have a couple of retailers onsite. Store DJ, Soundcorp and Concert AV will be here, so you’ll be able to get some discounts on the day from them.”
Rather than simply focusing on the latest innovations in the audio world, the Melbourne Audio Trade Show has incorporated a variety of aspects of the industry within its program. One such inclusion is Melbourne hearing clinic, Hear Smart.
“Every audio engineer should get their hearing tested at some stage, so they’re setting up free hearing tests, and also ear mouldings as well,” says Parton. “If you’re going to get your ears moulded to get some hearing protection, they’ll be doing free ear moulding, so that’s pretty damn cool, as far as I’m concerned. We’re looking for things that audio people will be interested in other than just the bits of gear.”
For those seeking a career in the audio industry, the trade show is featuring an event titled, ‘How To Earn a Living in Audio’. Guest producers and members of the industry – including Alex Markwell of Delta Riggs – comprise the panel, which will discuss how to succeed in audio. It’s an important question, and one that Parton knows a lot of aspiring professionals are seeking the answer to.
“There are lots of students and bedroom producers out there who’d love to actually turn this into a full-time job. It’s not a case of just looking in the back of the newspaper to see who’s advertising for an audio engineer this week – there’s a different path to actually being professional in audio.
“People need a bit of guidance on that, and that’s what the panel discussion will be covering. The thing that people might not have thought about in terms of transferring those audio skills is that you can learn at SAE or you can learn it yourself, and then transfer that into a job because creative industries are a huge part of the economy and it’s growing.”
The diverse program is complete with the addition of a Q&A session with music producer Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Nick Cave). If you’re keen to experience the latest in audio technology, the Melbourne Audio Trade Show is well worth the visit.
“It’s a really good chance for people to actually get their hands on gear, hear from experts, and get that exposure to the equipment and producers that they wouldn’t do if they were just going to a store to buy something. And it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Melbourne Audio Trade Show 2017 will be held at SAE on Saturday September 23 from 11am - 4pm. Entry is free. Register via Eventbrite and find out more on the events Facebook page.