Melbourne Audio Trade Show

In its inaugural year, the Melbourne Audio Trade Show will bring musicians, audio professionals and enthusiasts, face to face with the best software providers in the business. Held at the SAE Institute, the day will consist of product demos, workshops and networking opportunities. With the attendance of industry leaders such as Pro Tools, Ableton and Roland, it’s an invaluable opportunity for participants to get hands-on experience with the products, and to connect with the wider industry.

A Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and iPad dock demonstration, lead by renowned producer and mixer Forrester Savell, will head the product workshops. While other highlights include a Q&A with Steven Slate of Slate Digital, regarding the latest Slate Plugins and Hardware, and a workshop from distinguished software maker Ableton.
The attendance of Roland and Native Instruments also come at the perfect time, the former recently announcing a plethora of new products, while the latter is set to demo their freshly released Komplete 11 suite.
As the man behind the staging of the event, Gareth Parton says it’s about breaking down existing barriers to the industry. “I want to get the providers to come in and show off what they’ve got, but I also want to open the door up to other people to come through, because there’s such a huge community of people making music, whether they’re just bedroom hobbyists or audio professionals, and there’s not really any opportunities for them to get together. It’s a networking opportunity.”
In establishing these relationships, Parton believes that participants will get a much better understanding of how they can make the technology work for them – a distinct benefit of face-to-face interaction.
“It’s a chance to get hands-on rather than lots of people trying to get by just by learning off YouTube videos these days. You know, just trying to learn that stuff and they don’t really get to talk to pros or actually get their hands on gear, and have that sort of feedback from product specialists, which they can get from this.”
A panel discussion featuring Forrester Savell, producer Tom Larkin (Shihad), and Matt Ridgeway from Ableton Users Group will provide the event with a solid dose of entertainment. In a roundtable discussion and Q&A format these industry experts will talk the unique pieces of gear that they couldn’t live without, as well as what got them into gear in the first place. With each panel member coming from a different musical background, it’s a conversation that will span across analogue gear, electronic and synth-based products, high-end professional audio equipment, and laptop-centred composition.
As an information-rich event the Melbourne Audio Trade Show has been designed to incorporate all areas relevant to the audio industry. Which is why HEARsmart will be in attendance, staging a hearing test in one of the studios, and offering advice on hearing safety and management. 
This is a free event, and Parton affirms that it’s open to anyone with an interest in audio, regardless of level of experience or musical background. “So musicians who are interested in exploring and making their own music, to high-end professionals that already have studios but are looking to see what the latest products are. There’s new stuff coming out all the time.”
And the underlining feeling is that this is an event fuelled by passion and a genuine interest in audio innovation and technologies. It’s no surprise then that many of the providers will be spruiking educational pricing as well, allowing students to get a discount on their gear.

Melbourne Audio Trade Show will take place at SAE Institute Melbourne on Saturday September 24.