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Megastick Fanfare : Grit Aglow

Sydneysiders Megastick Fanfare are the latest to emerge in a run of fine Sydney bands that includes Seekae, Richard In Your Mind and Collarbones, among others who make up the latest genre-mashing generation. Grit Aglow comes after some period of the band gearing up, being talked about as 'the next big thing', paying their live dues, playing to large crowds and generally attracting some solid vibes. It's hard to not feel cynical about the entire process of bands being anointed the next big thing, but In the case of Megastick Fanfare, the adulation is warranted. Grit Aglow, their debut album, is nothing short of impressive.


They're a pop band, despite the nuances and treatments, and they've managed to allow this to take pride of place over the general need for adhering to aesthetics. These tracks glisten with warmth, are firmed with solid rhythms and assured because MF thankfully don't get too fancy. As mentioned, they're a pop band first and foremost, and this is carefully and well constructed pop music.


Teething and Good oer recall the undervalued genius of Belgian's dEUS, where Pow recalls the neo-intensity of Love Connection and Rat VS Possum, with deft rhythms and otherwise party-tuned keys gurgling alongside.


There are also indie-inspired gems like Brain Tooth, which is all tonal and psychedelic, and one imagines this track is one where MF's live prowess translates best; deeply groovy and cosmically enhanced pop.


Few will be able to resist their charms.


Best track: Good oer

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In A Word: Succinct