Meet The Dizzy Kids

When did you first start making music? The Dizzy Kids formed six months ago and got straight into the studio. With only a few live shows under our belts, it felt right to make an album together as the connection and strengths of the songs and members felt right.

Tell us about your new album 21. The album title 21 was the age when our brother Dee sadly passed from cancer. As we featured a few tracks from his works on the album we thought it was a fitting tribute to name the album at the age he passed. Kid and Dizzy had been working for quite some time trying to find the right sound and look for the band, after a few trials of different lineups and production, we decided to self-produce and keep it as raw and minimal as possible.

What do you love about creating music? It’s what we’ve done our whole lives; it’s all we want to do forever. We love to entertain, we give it our all and it’s a buzz to be a part of live performances with The Dizzy Kids. We enjoy reaching fans through our music and lyrics and we also love songwriting and producing our own music.

How would you describe your sound? It’s an indie, rock, pop sound full of raw energy of lyrics and up-tempo beats. Pulling influences from our love of ‘60s rhythms and ‘50s chords along with some modern-day influences from bands like The Strokes, The Killers and, of course, The Beatles.

What can we expect from The Dizzy Kids in the future? Big things on the horizon for the kids – debut album release, two music videos with more on the way, more songs in the works, live shows ahead, radio play along with reaching out to support major acts, and pushing to get onto the festival scene, as well as strong motivation to head to the U.K in 2019 to get on their touring circuit.

The Dizzy Kids’ debut album 21 is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. They’ll launch the album at Bombay Rock Brunswick on Friday August 24, with Murder Rats and Sarge and the Nuked.