Meet Cole Phoenix

What are your earliest musical memories? Singing ‘Que Sera’ at a karaoke restaurant, my family was proud I received a standing ovation. I truly lived out those lyrics – here I am now still in love with retro music. I was always eager to be involved with school musicals. My final year I wrote the house musical and was awarded best individual performer. Life has proven it isn’t quite as easy to make a mark with music – so those school memories were a lovely albeit naive introduction.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it? I always loved soul, jazz and big band – Dad would play Peggy Lee on car trips and mum loved Dusty Springfield. Whereas my sister blared Madonna and the first album I purchased was Britney Spears. I created an interesting fusion growing up.

Tell us about your new single ‘Stone Woman’. A song has as many messages as it has listeners. I consider it an empowering anthem against abuse and for me it’s a battle cry in refusing to suffer in silence, standing up and showing – yes as the lyrics claim – “who I am”. I think it’s a pertinent song for today – but also timeless in its stance against manipulation

What do you love about making music? The journey – you begin with an idea, a few lyrics, and a melody and soon that song is steering you. It’s like you’ve built a ship that will travel a gamut of emotions.

Cole Phoenix will release ‘Stone Woman’ on Thursday October 4. Her EP will be out in December – keep your eyes on her social media for more info.