Meet Beat’s Brightest : David James Young

What do you do at Beat?Whatever they'll let me do, really.
Best story you've ever written? Ever? Probably my recent long-read on The Smith Street Band for The Brag. For Beat, maybe my cover stories for Against Me! and Neko Case.
  Three likes? Pop music, professional wrestling, friendship.
  Three dislikes? Onions, pickles, the album art of the new Kasabian record.
  Got any special talents or party tricks for us? I know every Hottest 100 winner from 1989 to present off by heart, including all-time lists and the 20-year edition.
  Dream occupation, if money wasn’t a thing?This is my dream occupation. Unfortunately, money is very much a thing - throw me some coin? paypal.me/DJYwrites.

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