Meet Beat’s Brightest

Name: Claire Morley
What do you do at Beat? I talk to people, artists, bands, event organisers, and all kinds of interesting people, and then write all about it for your reading pleasure. I also write reviews of live shows, and sometimes albums.
Best story you've ever written? The cover story I wrote on The Smith Street Band was insanely special to write from start to finish. I’m incredibly proud of the message I had the privilege of communicating about mental health and vulnerability with the help of Wil Wagner, and I took so many copies of the magazine to keep forever.
Three likes? 1. Puppers, doggos, pupperinos, dogs, whatever they choose to identify as, I like them all. 2. Peanuts comics. I own the entire works of Charles Schulz and treasure the gang like children. Charlie Brown is a kindred spirit. 3. Ludicrously expensive handbags.
Three dislikes? 1. The smell and texture of peanut butter. 2. The crippling anxiety of 24/7 accessibility. 3. The patriarchy.
Got any special talents or party tricks for us? I always slay Regulate by Nate Dogg and Warren G for karaoke or just as a way to introduce myself to strangers, and I can play Tool’s Lateralus on the piano.
Dream occupation, if money wasn’t a thing? Stepping away from my dream to continue on my treacherous chosen career path and become the editor of British Vogue, I’d open a dog hotel called The Grand Borkapest Hotel. 

Stay tuned to meet more members of the Beat family, bringing this here magazine to life each and every week.