With ‘Measurements’, Didirri will break your heart, just as much as he’ll heal it

Melbourne’s Didirri has captured hearts with his debut record Measurements, which at large, offers a unique insight into the artist’s frequent contemplations and personal realisations.

The six-track offering features previous singles, ‘Blind You’, ‘Jude’, ‘Formaldehyde’, and standout live singalong track, ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’, as well as never before heard tracks, ‘Bird Sounds’ and ‘Worth The Wait’.

Opening track ‘Blind You’ meets listeners with Didirri’s powerful, yet seemingly gentle, voice which carries with it an emotive sensibility beyond his years.

Mesmerising listeners with the strength and immediacy of his vocals, Didirri reaches out through his music, and ultimately invites you to join him on an emotional journey through his own mind. Telling tales of lost love, and rekindled flames, Didirri also explores the different aspects of his own morality, while he holds a measuring tape up to both himself, and the world around him.

Versatile in nature, Measurements has the ability to accompany you on your Saturday night, sharing wine while entangled with a lover; on your Sunday morning, sipping coffee to ease the hangover; and during your mid-week crises, riddled with overthinking.

While featuring a strong sense of comfort, make no mistake, Measurements doesn’t allow itself to become background music in the aforementioned scenarios; instead, it demands to be heard – and further, to be experienced.

Combining challenging and thought-provoking writing, with a warm sense of charm and relatable depth, Didirri has delivered a grippingly hypnotic release in Measurements, which will break your heart, just as much as it will heal it.