Me And That Man : Song Of Love And Death


Songs Of Love And Death is much less skull crunching heaviness and more Robert Johnson toe-tapping at the crossroad, waiting for the Prince of Darkness so he can sell his soul. The inner demon of Adam "Nergal" Darski, the leader of Behemoth remains never far away throughout.
Me And That Man provide ample proof they can write stripped-back anthems full of mischievous defiance, especially when you hear a boys choir singing "We betrayed you our sweet Jesus/ We have chosen hell on earth" on Cross My Heart And Hope To Die. This is a radical departure from their previous work although a song like Of Sirens, Vampires And Loves lets a sliver of light penetrate the knotted gloom. Even so, it remains a sweet and sour distillation of the bitter trajectory into the pits of the unknown.
Similar to an underdog playing to his strengths, One Day is the highlight of melodic grandstanding. It’s an elegant riposte to any preparedness to meet your maker. Shaman Blues then returns to spiritual deprivation and plays cards with time that is quickly expiring.
By Bronius Zumeris