Mcrobin : Shallow Diver EP


An EP exploring the notions of numbness and disconnection, the name of Mcrobin’s Shallow Diver seems fitting. As it begins, you are softly introduced to the sounds of fluttering finger picking and a smooth melody, almost resembling the sensation of being submerged underwater. Everything sounds calmed and echoed, yet you can see rays of light shining through the glistening water.
Concrete Feet, with its undeniably catchy melody and rolling bass line, teases little resemblances to something like The Strokes. It’s the stand out track, lifting the EP from merely an acoustic reflection on life, and puts musician James McGuffie on the path to achieving a more mature, standout body of work.
The EP has distinctive peaks and dips in both pace and theme. Periphery is lead by hauntingly beautiful keys, conjuring images of McGuffie behind a grand piano on a grey, rainy day.
Steal My Only is a suitable ending to this introduction to Mcrobin’s many talents, again hinting at the potential of the alt-folk rock artist. The track sounds hopeful, leaving you wondering what this singer/songwriter will achieve when given the chance to develop a full album.
By Julia Sansone