Masked Intruder : III

Follow the mysterious pop-punk band through their reckless and exciting escape from prison.

III is a rebellious statement from Wisconsin troubadours Masked Intruder, one which encapsulates their reckless escape from prison through blistering pop-punk/rock and fun vocals.

Less Than Jake bassist Roger Lima serves as III’s lead producer and engineer with The All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty on co-producer duties. Opener ‘No Case’ is defiant, as vocalist Intruder Blue resists being pinned for a crime with no evidence. Following on, ‘Mine All Mine’ offers sugary sweet hooks and flowing rhythms, resonating as a love ballad.

‘I’m Free (At Last)’ is liberating, layered with energetic riffs as Intruder Blue describes the darkness that almost devoured him in prison. The euphoria resulting from his freedom radiates through the pop-punk rhythms in the song. There is a strong sense of independence and individuality within the band.

‘Please Come Back’ is a plea for a significant other to come back, for the loss is too difficult to endure. There certainly seems to be recurring themes of love and loss throughout III which are manifested in closing track ‘I’ll Be Back Again Someday’. Despite its heavy content, the track avoids being miserable through upbeat riffs and pounding drums.