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Toff In Town
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Maria Minerva Australian Tour

One of the leading ladies of the striking 100% Silk imprint will be making her Melbourne debut next month.

Born in Estonia in 1988, Minerva previously worked as a music and art critic whilst studying art history. Making the leap to performer and producer, 2011 saw the release of her stunning Cabaret Cixous, which saw her global profile raised cataclysmically.


In her own words, “Maria Minerva is myself as my own little sister, born out of need to do whatever. Maria Minerva has not heard of HQ recording. Maria Minerva has not heard that postmodernism is passé. Maria Minerva wishes she was born in the 1980s and born again in the 1990s. They call it lo-fi, I call it 21st century folk music."

Maria Minerva plays The Toff In Town on Saturday September 1.