Mares : Wherewithal

Setting the theme of a moody indie film soundtrack, Wherewithal is the lovechild of blues and dream-pop.

Wherewithal is the lovechild of blues and dream-pop. With dynamic drums, haunting vocals and atmospheric guitar riffs, it takes hold and guides you through the environment created just for you. Setting the theme of a moody indie film soundtrack, prepare for a mellow but exuberant body of work.

The album takes you through a sonic story of melancholy, completed through highly strung tracks such as You Can Miss’that will keep you on edge, through to Inlet’ that allows you to fall into the background. The production has a clear organic sound, putting you in the room with the band and allowing you to experience every instrument as it rises and falls.

Although included, it feels a majority of the tracks are not vocally lead but rather work to complement the instrumentation. Because of this, the melodies aren’t as absorbing and lyricism is ignored in favour of the instruments that surround it.

Mares have created an ambient but technical body of work with very minimal production. It leaves no element wasted and creates a raw sound in a very artificial music scene. Wherewithal is an album that grows the more you listen, and is best enjoyed in your own comfort.