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Madalene Callow

What’s your name then?




And the name of your band…


“Madalene Callow.”


And what do you do?


“Sing and write songs.”


When did you start doing that?


“Some time ago, but things only started becoming more serious around five years ago.”


Why did you start doing that?


“There are a few reasons, but a significant moment was when I was about 15 and I first heard Fiona Apple’s album Tidal; I remember wanting to sound like her. I’ve always enjoyed performing and the transformation of going from ‘drab to fab’, so to speak.”


Do you think you’re good at doing that?


“I’d be awesome in a Fiona Apple cover band!”


If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing?


“Fashion design.”


What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?


“Working with incredible friends.”


And what makes you unhappiest about what you’re doing?


“The potential to hurt, lose or be away from the people I love by pursuing something that is very self-involved.”


What’s your proudest moment of doing what you do?


“Singing for my granny while my brother accompanied me on guitar.”


And your least proud?


“That’s a tricky one… Letting someone down is awful or not being at rehearsal on time – I hate being late.”


When are you doing your thing next?


“At The Order Of Melbourne on Thursday June 30.”