Machine Head : Catharsis

Back with their ninth studio album, Machine Head continue to cement themselves as an absolute staple of modern metal. With their raw and unique sound, brutal music, and powerful vocals, there’s nothing Machine Head don’t excel at.

Opening strong with ‘Volitile’, Rob Flynn speaks of the seemingly never-ending downward spiral in which society has found itself, the situation we’ve all found ourselves in and the frustration at the helplessness many feel.
With ‘Catharsis’ coming through next, a more relaxed mood is present (only initially, don’t worry) before an explosion into something completely ferocious. Special mention to the lyric “The only thing keeping me sane/the music in my veins” – something everyone can relate to.
Catharsis is the most visceral of all of the Machine Head albums. Twenty years in and the band is as heavy as ever, but what has taken the biggest leap is the lyrics. More storytelling, more driven, the band is in overdrive to get its myriad of points across. This is Machine Head at their peak and it’s been worth the wait.