Machine Age

For the uninitiated, describe Machine Age’s sound? I've been told my sound is reckless, which suits me just fine. I love the sonic possibilities of electronic music, the raw energy of rock and I try to mould those worlds around my songs.
Tell us about your new single ‘Fighting’. It's a song built on frustration, when you feel like you're stuck in a rut. Sonically it's me trying to jam all my favourite genres into one song.
What can we expect from your forthcoming EP? Five songs that sound like me but hopefully not alike. There are some colourful extremes to look out for from industrial beats to ambient guitars and even a string quartet.
How has the Machine Age dynamic changed with a drummer in the lineup? It's really expanded the dynamic range of the live show. The blend of raw live drums with the sampler driven beats and synths takes things to the next level. 
2017 has been a great year for Machine Age. What have been some of the highlights? From a live point of view, rocking some big rooms around the country supporting Holy Holy. And in the studio obviously ‘Fighting’ but also the live clip we recorded for ‘Chivalry is Dead’.
What’s to come in 2018? There's a big collaboration in the can that I'm really excited about and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention but there could also be a second EP dropping before 2018 is done.

Machine Age’s latest single ‘Fighting’ is out now. His debut EP is set to drop in 2018.